What Ex-Owuorians Say

"When I quit Owuorism, I was told by the radio team that one of the three things will happen to me: 1) I will get a stroke; 2) I will grow tumors 3) I will die in my sleep. I also received numerous text messages from Owuorians full of curses, very vulgar abuses and they were all wishing for my death. Even people who I had considered as my closest friends turned against me and disowned me."
"It took me almost a week to clear off all the unnecessary Owuorism materials from my phone and laptop. My laptop could have remained totally empty were it not for the little academic and professional stuff that I had stored in it plus some few gospel songs and videos. If I could have decided to clean my phone book, I could have remained with less than 30 contacts of my kins and few former..."
"For me, it came a time that I was posted to a new workstation and so I happily joined the R&H church. I was happy at last I could now worship with people who are truly repented. The first Sunday after the sermon, the pastor was raising an alert concerning a brother who is opposing him. I didn't mind, but it became a weekly phenomenon. "
". .. Nowadays l too enjoy my freedom in my inbox. While I was in R&H, l could log into my inbox only to bump into so many unread messages. I could rush with anxiety to read, only to get these silly chats that could irritate me " hi sister which altar?" Aish!!! as if altars take people to heaven! . "
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