Margaret's Testimony




Personally I can testify that was among the very first to join this cult. I followed every meeting by then we were not told to come out of our churches. There was no kings outreach, no archbishops and bishops council, no curtains. It was purely toba meetings in sackcloth and many God-fearing bishops in the land joined the bandwagon. On Sunday we would go back to our churches.

Devious Beginnings...

Members were subtly whisked from other Churches!

From there he started building his own kingdom by telling Onjoro to open new churches and install pastors under kings outreach banner.
The pastors from other churches realizing they were duped stopped attending and even asked their members to stop going to meetings. Already most believers who attended the meetings had been poisoned to believe their churches were preaching a different gospel and their pastors were immoral, lovers of money, and not born again so they rebelled and joined kings outreach church.


Then I fully joined It

For me, it came a time that I was posted to a new workstation and so I happily joined the R&H church. I was happy at last I could now worship with people who are truly repented. The first Sunday after the sermon, the pastor was raising an alert concerning a brother who is opposing him. I didn't mind, but it became a weekly phenomenon.



The nightmare Continued

What I witnessed later is unimaginable in any organization, leave alone church. Fighting from Sunday to Sunday, name callings, competitions then “Siku ya mkutano wa bwana” (the day of the meeting of the lord) arrived, and there was an immediate “ceasefire” followed by repentance.

After the meeting and celebrations, a week later they’d be back to fighting, insults, name-calling, etc.

The Awakening

I Started Asking Myself Some Questions


This is when my eyes were opened to know I joined a cult unknowingly.

I decided enough is enough!!

It was not until the year 2013 though that I asked myself hard questions, “where is the direction?” I decided "enough is enough!" I remembered how I received Christ before this madness. At first, it was not easy because I was alone. They fought me left right and center. This is when my eyes were opened to know I joined a cult unknowingly.


The level of evil in that ministry is another level. I saw unbelievers given leadership positions because they were rich. Those who opposed were then referred to as the white horses. I may not give a full account now but what I know Jesus and the devil cannot share the same room. If you are in Owuoristan and you fear coming out because of fear, I encourage you to come out in the name of Jesus. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power sound mind.

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