Owuorism brotherhood and how it is separating families

Owuorism Brotherhood

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It’s a great pleasure to share this platform with like-minded people, and what a blessing to have Tanya Njuguna, an ex-R&H survivor, grace this blog today with her testimony! She first shared this post on Facebook, and I couldn’t wait to request her to share it here because I figured many of our audience would relate. It’s my prayer that this post will help expose the fake “brotherhood” strategy often employed by cult leaders and that God will use it to help those affected find healing and restoration in their relationships.

There’s always a very strong bond amongst the blood brothers and sisters for most “normal” families.

This unique bond is always manifest in polygamous families, where the bond is stronger for those from the same womb than those from the same father but different mothers—I have experienced both!!!

Nevertheless, when I joined the Repentance & Holiness (R&H) ministry, things took a different projectile. This happens to all members starting from Owuor himself!


The entire R&H system is a mental surgical theatre, where someone's emotions, thinking, and feelings are completely altered into a different formation, which I can best  term it as being “zombified."


I lost Touch With My Family Members...

  • I quickly started losing touch with my siblings who we had happily grown up together.
  • I avoided all family meetings as much as I could, lest I be defiled with their evil parties.
  • I had nothing to share with my siblings if not “preaching” to them Owuor’s doctrine.
  • I wasn’t available for my siblings from Friday to Sunday night- coz I was always out for the “missions” investing in the kingdom.
  • Neither was I available at home for the normal home chores, I was just like a tenant there, as I believed that heaven is our home.
  • I had literally lost touch with my blood family. 
  • The only serious prayer I had for my family was that the Lord may “deliver” them into the cult. I revoke those prayers now in Jesus’ name!
  • There was always a rift between me and my family, but I thank God that they still loved me and tolerated my stupidity!
  • As the relationship between me and my family members kept widening, I almost signed my death warrant, when my Bishop tried to lure me to leave our home because the church was ready to rent for me a house and cater for all my needs.

...And worked hard to forcefully instill Owuor's values on them

  • To avoid the “defilement” from the tv and radio, I had taken control of what my siblings can watch or listen to, regardless of their wishes. 
  • One time I quarreled my young sister badly when I found her putting on trousers it was a bad scene I wanted to see her in the curtains! !!
  • I couldn’t keep the photos of my “immoral” sisters on my phone, neither those of my late brother as that was considered idolatry.

On The Other Side...

  • I was very concerned with the well-being of my fellow Owuorians. I would regularly check on them and kept encouraging them (especially new recruits).
  • I would spend hours making merry with them but maintain a very low profile with my own brothers and sisters.
  • I would spend hours decorating the Altar while neglecting our home !!!
  • I was readily available for my Owuorian Bishop more than my own parents, her advice and word sounded more superior than my own parents.
  • I had leaned on my fellow Owuorians for all my mental, emotional, professional, social, and financial support more than my blood family and the “world.”
  • Owuorians were my brothers and sisters, fathers, and mothers!!! This is the main tool for isolation and brainwashing.

I had basically transferred and changed my birthright over to Owuorism and I had fully become a blood relative in Owuorism!!!


Toxic Influence

While on campus, I met a more toxifying fallacy where the zealous Owuorians refused to go back to their villages during the holidays; all in the name of “serving.”

This foolishness led parents to cut their supplies to the students forcing them to hole down together under one roof and survive by “grace.” 

I also discovered that:

  • Many people had deserted or sold their ancestral land and property in the name of separation.
  • Second wives were forced to break their 20 years old marriages since it was considered immoral, only for them to turn around and start hunting for young men.
  • Those who were engaged to non-Owuorians at the moment they joined the cult had no option but to terminate the relationship since it was termed immoral and are supposed to select from the variety of single mothers and divorcees at the altar.
  • In the wicked fight to defend the glory, social respect has lost its value completely. That’s why you can hear the JIL radio broadcasters lynching Litunda as if he’s their son or agemate. 
  • Most icons in RnH have serious problems with their families, many have ditched their families, quit their academics and professions just to “focus” on the Lord.

Fake brotherhood

But The “brotherhood” Can’t stand any crisis. The day you’re suspended or expelled or you choose to quit that cult is when you will realize how the brotherhood was founded and sealed by cobwebs!!! (sic).

It’s a whole turnaround of events! Owuorism brotherhood vapourises the moment one needs it so dearly.

We witnessed memos being fired that we shouldn’t associate ourselves with person x, y, or z because the “lord” has judged him/her. That’s when someone remembers the real blood family!!!

  • I have witnessed very wicked scenarios where a member who had totally separated him/herself from the family is returned back (dumped) to the family because of sickness or when his/her value in the Ministry is negligible!! (Ask some renowned national worship leaders, they can confirm this.)
  • I couldn’t imagine that the brethren that I used to spend most of my time with and share my whole would be the first ones to BLOCK and DELETE my contacts when I quitted the cult!!!!
  • I became like a serpent before them, the people I had considered being my brothers and sisters behaved as if they had never known me!!! No greetings, no calls no nothing.
  • A memo is always fired to warn the adherents not to associate in any way with anyone who quits the cult, this is real psychological torture to many Ex-Owuorians, you can’t imagine that you’ve lost 97% of your very close friends overnight !!! 

But now I am liberated! You can't just imagine how my family rejoiced, family love and unity restored...I wish my late brother could be alive to witness the transformed Tanya !!! Several months outside the cult & my life is never the same, new friends, new mindset, new joy, more breakthroughs and more so experiencing the Lord's salvation in a more different but mightier way.


Owuorism is a divisive demon, that thrives in breaking families and marriages apart. There’s no peace and love in Owuorism…

But Christ is peace, unity, and Love!!! With Him, life starts afresh, with more Grace, Love, strength, and favour from the Lord in heaven!!

Dear Owuorians, stop deceiving yourselves with the fake brotherhood that is bonded by Owuor’s word, the day you will do anything contrary to their expectations is the day you will know that you’re not brothers or sisters, leave alone friends. In fact, they will tell you that “we don’t know you.”

*Restructured for easy reading, otherwise posted as shared.

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4 thoughts on “Owuorism Brotherhood”

  1. My mother found David Owuor back in 2010 when she stumbled upon a teaching on YouTube on how water baptism was essential for our salvation. As a devout follower of Jesus Christ, who was all about repentance and holiness, I joined the ministry and shortly after my brother and sister. My father recently joined and was baptized today.
    I had studied about cults when I was in Bible School and I saw the signs. My mother cut off my grandmother, a pastor, because she said David Owuor is a false prophet. I remember her quoting Owuor one time that you are to cut off anyone who questions or challenges him. Thinking for yourself, questioning Owuorism and church protocol was demonized. David Owuor is spoken about and glorified more than Jesus…which really makes me angry. My family has chosen isolation, only going out to the store or doing ministry work, and there has been a rift between my family and I. My father tends to complain about how the ministry is destroying the family yet he plays church just to survive. Before Owuor came into the picture there wasn’t any confusion, now it seems like God is always changing his mind. Also, when Covid happened last year we were told that anyone who gets Covid was going to hell because it was judgment from God, yet people within the ministry have been afflicted with Covid, even the children, so are they going to hell?

    I’ll end it here other wise I will end up writing a book about my own testimony. Everyone who is reading this, if you see signs that this is a cult get out now. Only Jesus Christ is glorified, not a man who claims that he is Moses, Elijah, God the Father, and Jesus Christ all in one

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