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What we Do

We focus on providing the spiritual, psychological and emotional support through the various challenges encountered before and after quitting the Repentance and Holiness (R&H) cult. Our task is to present the Biblical truth, logic and support necessary for Ex-Owuorians to undo false doctrines, believes and lifestyles that hinder them from discovering the love of God and living their lives to the fullest.

Why We Exist

To Provide Support Before and After Quitting The Cult

We recognize that quitting a destructive cult is not easy.

In fact, many of those who've quit say that it took them awhile to quit R&H after first contemplating about it. 

We Cannot Ignore The Struggles That Survivors Go Through

From being followed with shocking threats and made-up slander and allegations to the challenges experienced in assimilating back to the society and everything in between, the struggle is painfully real for many Ex-Owuorians.

To create global Awareness of The Cult

Many families have been affected in one way or another are are searching for answers. We share testimoinies of those who have quit and expose inherent heresies in R&H with the hope that many will be delivered from the cult.

Depending on how long someone was in the cult and the extent to which they were indoctrinated and influenced by the R&H’s false doctrines, life immediately after quitting can be quite challenging. Due to Owuor’s focus on the imminence of the rapture, many of his followers took drastic measures to prepare for Christ’s second coming, and this unfortunately meant that many abandoned their career pursuits and family obligations to focus on owuor’s teachings. 

While a few will easily assimilate back to society, many are usually caught up at the crossroads, not knowing how to proceed, especially in the matters, faith. Some, unfortunately, cannot resist the urge to revert back to the cult to get the only ‘support’ they ever knew for months or years. Generally, survivors often report feeling frustrated, guilty, bitter, depressed and lonely, not knowing whom to trust, where to start, which church to join, and so forth. 

The Struggle Is Real For Ex-Owuorians...

What They Are Saying

How We Come In

We share the message of Christ through the blog and Facebook group, with the hope that they will find hope and healing necessary to move on. 

Our Motto is that there is LIFE after cults. 


We expose the heresies inherent in the R&H cult using the word of God. We also encourage Ex-Owuorians to share their testimonies, with the hope that by God’s grace, they will help allay the fears and the doubts that those considering to quit had.

Have You Recently Quit R&H And Feel Lost? Lonely? Angry? and  Frustrated?

You Don't Have to Do Life Alone!

Join More than 300 people Who Share Your Concerns

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