Have You Recently Quit The Repentance & Holiness (R&H) Cult and Feel Lost Lonely Frustrated?

Well, you are Not Alone!

Life immediately after quitting a cult can be very lonely, frustrating, and challenging. Perhaps the main challenge is in believing that the person you trusted all along to guide you in your spiritual journey was indeed a liar. Hence it isn’t unusual for cult survivors to feel cheated, lost, frustrated, guilty, bitter, and even lonely. 

But You don't have to do life alone

Join More than 500 other people Who Share Your Concerns

Who We Are

Across The Globe, We are United In Our Dedication to Help Many Discover & Enjoy Freedom In Christ

We are all about supporting people to break free from the influence of destructive cults and embrace a life of freedom in Christ. We particularly focus on supporting those who have quit or are in the process of quitting the Repentance & Holiness Cult (R&H) led by Dr. David Owuor.

The Struggle Is Real For Ex-Owuorians...

What They Are Saying

Our Approach

We Facilitate A Therapeutic Virtual Environment

Web Content

We publish Christian-based content on the blog as well on the Facebook group to help survivors heal in all facets of their lives and get rooted in the Christian faith.

Social Support

We run a Facebook group with a goal of helping them support each other morally as well as through sharing common experiences.

Our Mission

To provide Ex-Owuorians the support they need to safely undo heretic doctrines, beliefs and lifestyles acquired from R&H. 

Our Vision

To be the ultimate resource for ex-Owuorians in providing spiritual, psychosocial and emotional support through the various challenges in life after quitting R&H with the goal of helping them heal and flourish in all aspects of their lives. 

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